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 On the journey to accumulate wealth using property as a class of asset, investors face a lot of  challenges.  At Success Accounting Group we are specialist Property Accountants in te areas of tax structures and tax compliance for property investment, we have helped hundreds of property investors with their wealth journey.

Here is how we helped Lip Teh & Weng Woo, an aspiring property investor start her wealth journey with Success Accounting Group:

“Lan has assisted me with creating a plan of action to enter into the property investment market for the past 3 months. In that time I have gone from knowing little about property investment to now having a strong strategy that will allow my husband and I to grow our wealth.  This has included on asset protection and what name I should hold the investment property for maximum tax effectiveness. Her advice was explained in simple terms, easy to understand.

Over time I have built a special relationship with Lan where I know all my questions will be answered thoroughly and promptly, unlike previous experiences where I found my questions would not be directly addresses and there was little opportunity for discussion.  I now feel confident knowing that I am well set up to growing my portfolio in the property investment market and progressing towards achieving my financial goals for a secure future”

Lip Teh & Weng Woo

The most popular questions we hear and resolve are:

  • Which name to buy the property in?
  • How do I minimise tax?
  • What deductions can I claim?
  • Cash Flow
  • Renovation, GST
  • Should I rent or live in the property?
  • Should I sell or hold? Which property should I sell?
  • Transferring property – what are the tax implications? What about cash flow?
  • How much capital gain tax will I pay?
  • Going Overseas – what are the tax implications?
  • Subdivision, GST & property sales
  • I want to arrange a home loan and finance

With the complexity of tax law and administration, you need an accountant that also has experience in property investing to support you when making difficult decisions that affect you, your family and the money you need to look after them.

You may just want to bounce some ideas, review a decision, estimate the tax implication of a particular transaction, find out if there are other issues you should be considering or find out if there is a structure which may minimise your tax position.

Learn more from how we helped other property investors grow their wealth portfolio here. If you are a first-time investor or already a self-made millionaire, we can guide you through the maze of investment tax concessions you are eligible to claim. Contact us today to discuss your property needs.

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