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I Can Predict Your Future

It is over 10 years ago when i opened my first business. Why? Let me tell you….   This is what stinks About being at a job?   You are never paid what you are truly worth when you are working in a J-O-B…   Instead, You’re paid EXACTLY what it cost to REPLACE YOU. [...]


Can you show me how you became Financially Free? This is probably the most common question that I am asked by my friends, family and clients. As such I thought I would share my views which aided my family to achieve financial Independence. Let me first start with the first and most valuable Wealth Principle: [...]

Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD

With EOF Year upon us, what sort of emotion does this spark in you?Feeling that slight jitter in the stomach. Touch of anxiety. Restlessness.Do you put it off to the last minute, then spend a few days cramming to get it done?No one likes Tax. We then head in, speak to an Accountant , push out [...]

The Secret Truth On How The Top 1% Achieve Their Goals

​Today I felt inspired to write a small passage based on a vibrant consultation I held with one of my inner circle clients. My client Greg was having some real difficulties around goal setting. This is normally the first exercise I perform with my one-on-one clients to assist them in achieving financial independance.I asked Greg [...]

5 Warning Signs That You Have Slipped From The Path To Wealth

Let me share a story with you....It was a little over 12 years ago when my whole life flashed right in front of me. My family was in a state of collapse. I was working over 12 hours a day and was completely run-down. My back was against the wall and I was completely overwhelmed. [...]

Secrets To Why The Rich Get Richer

95% of Australia’s population at age 65 is either dead, dead broke or on the pension. This is not discriminatory. This includes Tradies, Engineers, IT Consultants, Doctors, Lawyers, School teachers, Secretaries, Accountants and so on. How can this be possible? The Australian Government pumps Billions of dollars in education from school days to retirement and yet at the [...]

Turn $1 into $1 million dollars in five years

Today I am going share my biggest Secret towards creating wealth. It is Leverage! Leverege for me is turning $1 into $1 million dollars in five years! There is three main vehicles you can use to create leverage: Real Estat​e Equities BusinessesFor my own personal story, I started in Real Estate as it was the simplest process [...]

The 80/20 rule, the ATO and you

ATO 80/20 rule The 80/20 rule relates to personal services income (PSI). Depending on where the individual sits within the 80/20 rule can affect they report their income on their own tax return and what deductions they can claim. Contrary to popular belief the 80/20 rule is not about whether one can be considered a “contractor” due [...]

Sole Trader – What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Sole Trader?

Sole Trader Are you thinking of going into business? Are you debating on a sole proprietorship, partnership or company? Well, each of these business structures has their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader. Advantages Of Being A Sole Trader • You’re [...]

What is a Chartered Accountant?

The Difference Between An Accountant And A Chartered Accountant Financial matters are among the most confusing and convoluted subjects that you will encounter at one point in time. Nonetheless, accurate bookkeeping and filing, correct record keeping and adhering to the local and federal law are all crucial in being able to secure economic well-being. With [...]

Business owners – what is your end game?

Why do you own a business? It’s interesting to consider this because we are shocked at how many business owners haven’t taken the time to consider this fundamental question. From a big picture perspective, having a business provides you with a lifestyle. That’s it! It gives you cash now to fund your family spending, and [...]

What can I claim against my tax?

It’s tax time again. What can you claim to reduce your tax? Please take just 2 minutes to read this blog article. We’ll explain: Deductions you can claim The importance of a fantastic tax accountant The “tax trap” you need to avoid Links to more information about specific deductions             [...]

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