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The REAL Cost of Inaction…..

I thought I would discuss a topic related to an action that we all perform every single day.  What is it?It is making decisions. The truth is that you are exactly where you are today due to the past decisions you have made and the choices that you have had.How do you feel about where you are […]

The Secret Truth On How The Top 1% Achieve Their Goals

​Today I felt inspired to write a small passage based on a vibrant consultation I held with one of my inner circle clients. My client Greg was having some real difficulties around goal setting. This is normally the first exercise I perform with my one-on-one clients to assist them in achieving financial independance.I asked Greg […]

5 Warning Signs That You Have Slipped From The Path To Wealth

Let me share a story with you....It was a little over 12 years ago when my whole life flashed right in front of me. My family was in a state of collapse. I was working over 12 hours a day and was completely run-down. My back was against the wall and I was completely overwhelmed. […]

What Type of Investor are you? How to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

I have been working in the finance Industry for over 15 years.Over all this time, I can honestly say that I can count with my hands, the number of people whom have approached me directly requesting my assistance to help build their financial freedom and wealth.Sure, I have been asked for advice on how to […]

Secrets To Why The Rich Get Richer

95% of Australia’s population at age 65 is either dead, dead broke or on the pension. This is not discriminatory.This includes Tradies, Engineers, IT Consultants, Doctors, Lawyers, School teachers, Secretaries, Accountants and so on.How can this be possible?The Australian Government pumps Billions of dollars in education from school days to retirement and yet at the […]

Build A Multi Million Property Empire In Your Spare Time

Have you seen recent headlines in all the major Newspapers over the last month or so? ‘Sydney and Melbourne Property prices tipped to fall up to 10% in 2018’. Well this takes me back to when the Global Financial Crisis covered the headlines in 2015.Exactly the same headlines. 'Australia's Real Estate Bubble about to burst […]

Turn $1 into $1 million dollars in five years

Today I am going share my biggest Secret towards creating wealth. It is Leverage!Leverege for me is turning $1 into $1 million dollars in five years!There is three main vehicles you can use to create leverage: Real Estat​e Equities BusinessesFor my own personal story, I started in Real Estate as it was the simplest process […]

Build Your Wealth While You Sleep for Middle Income Earners

In my previous post,  I shared with you, how you could create Wealth very easily if you were a Business Owner and currently leasing your place of work. This week I am going to provide an example of how to maximise your portfolio as a Middle Income Earner PAYG.But before we go into depth on […]

SECRET REVEALED – How I made $1 Million+ in 5 Years Without Spending An Extra Dollar Of My Income

Make $1 Million+ in 5 Years and SAVE over $200,000 in Tax Doing Nothing Else But Switching To Your Own SMSF? ​Really?  Well Let Me Prove It With My Own Story….In December 2013 I bought the shop 3, 135 Lower Dandenong Rd, Commercial Shop aka know as Success Accounting Group’s Mentone office today.Today, I will […]

Make 2018 the Year of Financial Growth

Happy New Year! Lets get started with a very Special Gift. Until now, I have held this information tight to only my Premium Clients…… How would you like the opportunity to learn one of my BIG THREE Strategies which allowed me to become financially free? Watch my Video and place your comments below:

The 80/20 rule, the ATO and you

ATO 80/20 rule The 80/20 rule relates to personal services income (PSI). Depending on where the individual sits within the 80/20 rule can affect they report their income on their own tax return and what deductions they can claim. Contrary to popular belief the 80/20 rule is not about whether one can be considered a “contractor” due […]

Sole Trader – What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Sole Trader?

Sole Trader Are you thinking of going into business? Are you debating on a sole proprietorship, partnership or company? Well, each of these business structures has their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader. Advantages Of Being A Sole Trader • You’re […]

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