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Are you tired of the everyday grind and dream of something more fulfilling and EXCITING?

Do you really want to be yet another individual aimlessly working at the SAME job for the next 30 years?

Everyone has an idea.

Everyone has goals.

Everyone has a ‘million dollar’ business idea.

The difference between an ‘entrepreneur’ and everyone else is an ability to push past all the difficulties associated with running a business. Instead of getting ready to quit when the going gets tough, they knuckle down and do the hard work.

How Success Accounting Group Helps Entrepreneurs

  • FREE Advice: Unless you are already sitting on a fortune, you’re not likely to be flush with cash. Fortunately, you can utilise of our free advisory service once you become a Success Accounting Group client. Simply email us, pick up the phone or arrange a meeting and we’ll be ready and waiting for you.
  • Straightforward Fees: The difference between being a success or a failure could boil down to cashflow and if you are hit with sneaky fees it could cause turmoil for your business. We understand all of this which is why we have an easy to understand fee structure with no hidden charges and we even allow you to pay monthly!
  • Entrepreneurial Experience: Lan Nuygen, founder of Success Accounting Group, is an entrepreneur and she has hired professionals who found success in other arenas to be part of her firm. So instead of chatting to pure number crunchers, you’re conversing with successful entrepreneurs who know precisely what you are going through.
  • Networking: If your ‘contacts’ book seems eerily empty, you’ll enjoy having exclusive access to our long list of business associates. You no longer need to imagine what it would be like to network with fellow entrepreneurs because we can make it happen.
  • Business Growth & Knowledge: Whether you have an established business or else you are new to the entrepreneurial game, you can never have enough information which is why we host seminars and meetings regularly. These events feature guest speakers who offer advice on business to all attendees.

Follow Your Passion & Become A Success

When you hire Success Accounting Group you are taking on board a number of business advisors. As a result, we know precisely what a business needs from us:

  • Commitment: Our advisors will be fighting your corner because we are as passionate about your business beoming a success as you are. We take the time to truly understand what it is you are trying to achieve; this helps us discover where your company can improve in terms of profitability.
  • Proactivity: While we are happy to look at accounts from your company’s past, we always focus on its future. We have a commercial focus and provide a high level of practical support including budgeting, cash flow forecasts, strategic planning and customer service training. We work to minimise your tax liability through innovative tax planning techniques.
  • Flexibility: We understand the busy lives led by entrepreneurs which is why our doors are always open. If you need advice at the drop of a hat, you can guarantee one of our team will be there waiting for you.

Client Testimonials

“I Have Recommended Her Services to Two
Business Owners Because I Believe In Her”

“I was launching my third start up business and required assistance with structure setup and strategic tax planning for the future.  Furthermore, I was now ready to dive deeper into building my wealth through property investment.

When I heard of Lan’s personal success in property investment and her knowledge and skill set in tax, I knew I was going to engage with someone who doesn’t just preach but walks the talk and continues to be successful.

Lan offered great business structure and tax planning solutions in a timely manner.  However, I also valued her enthusiasm for my own success and her strategic thinking and planning skills.

My ongoing relationship with Lan has been educational. While working with her, I gained insights about my business and I continue to grow in knowledge to make the most of opportunities.

I have recommended her services to two businesses owners because I believe in her and I am confident that she can assist them in obtaining financial freedom.”

Brady Hancock

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We promise to help your business to expand, grow and prosper. If you don’t get closer to your goals and see REAL results, Success Accounting Group will refund every penny, no questions asked!

Who Is In Charge Of Your Success?

When you hire the services of Success Accounting Group, you will be dealing with a firm built from the ground up by Lan Nguyen. She began just six years ago and has already opened two successful offices in Melbourne. Lan anticipates the opening of new offices as her client list grows but she is always ready, willing and able to help new entrepreneurs follow in her footsteps and achieve their lifelong dreams.

Get In Touch And Book Your Free Consultation

Savvy entrepreneurs know choosing the right accounting firm is essential; get it wrong and the decision will slow your growth or eat into your profit margin. Get it right and you end up with Success Accounting Group!

For individual support, fixed fee packages and advice tailored to your specific business, contact us today for a FREE meeting by phoning us at (03) 9583 0550 or by completing the form below.

 Inspiring Your Success. You deserve it!

Arrange your FREE No-Obligation Meeting

Arrange your FREE No-Obligation Meeting

Either call us on (03) 9583 0550 or complete the form below

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