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Learn how successful franchises operate and discover how to turn your franchise into a profit making machine.

Are you interested in owning a franchise? Are you worried you’ll be buried by the start-up costs? Do you worry your lack of business experience means you could fail?

The estimated start-up cost of a franchise can run as high as $250,000 which is not really affordable for most entrepreneurs. If only there was a way to ensure your franchise was setup for success from the beginning …

5 Reasons Why You Need Success Accounting Group for Your Franchise

1. No Hidden Fees: What you see is what you get! There are NO hidden fees and we even allow you to structure your payments monthly to ease your start-

2. Real World Experience: While other accounting firms have no real-life experience in the field of franchising, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs achieve a lifelong dream by aiding them in the many facets of running a

3. Free Support: Unlike other accounting firms, we offer free consultations via phone, email or even face-to-face.

4. Networking: Our vast experience in the field of business means we have countless contacts and these companies will be made available exclusively to

5. Marketing: We use innovative marketing and advertising techniques to help your franchise become known locally, nationally and even internationally.

How Our Services Empower Your Franchising Success

Do you know how much a franchise is really worth? Few people have this knowledge but if you hire Success Accounting Group, you will discover the factors involved in determining the value of a franchise which include the length of time it has been operating, its reach and potential revenue.

• Tailor Made Loans: We will find your commercial finance at the very best rates guaranteed! We also ensure your loans are structured for maximum flexibility and deduction.

• Franchise Acquisition: Due diligence, negotiation techniques and financial & taxation aspects of legal negotiation.

Reporting: Cashflow management & budgeting along with performance vs.

Performance: A full review of your franchise along with innovative strategies designed to improve the bottom line of your business.

• Personal CFO: We choose an experienced member of the team to manage all aspects of your finances with agreed-upon goals in mind.

Who’s Behind Success Accounting Group?

Lan Nguyen took an idea about creating a full service accounting firm and transformed her vision into a nationally recognised organisation with a growing number of clients. As Lan has first-hand experience of business success, she knows how to turn your dreams into reality in less than 12 months.

You can flee your dead-end job and enjoy autonomy, success and financial freedom! If you don’t believe us, just read what our clients are saying:

“Her Team and Lan Come Highly Recommended From Me”

“I’ve known and worked with Success Accounting group for over 5 years, every year. They started with my personal tax and I found Lan and her team of professionals to be very knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry and in particular, they have expertise in the franchisee space that I could leverage from. She is also passionate about our success. So when I wanted to buy a franchised Real Estate agency, I sought advice from Lan to help us start up my business.

They are different from other accountants I’ve used in the past as Lan gives specialised advice for my Real Estate Agency business. For example, she provided a solid business start up advice and assistance with the establishment of our business structure. We also meet regularly to discuss ways to grow my business and benchmark our business performance with others in the real estate industry. Lan is a forward thinker when it comes to tax strategy and works closely with the business and my individual situation to maximise opportunities for me in building my business and personal wealth. We also plan for the future so it’s more of a proactive accounting.

Her team and Lan come highly recommended from me.”

Michael Choi

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We promise to help your business to expand, grow and prosper. If you don’t get closer to your goals and see REAL results, Success Accounting Group will refund every penny, no questions asked!

Buying into a Franchise can be a lucrative business decision if adequate research and professional legal and accounting advice is sought to clarify the proposition prior to buying a franchise.

Success Accounting Group can help you with:

  • Business Start up Advice
  • Set up of Business Structure
  • Business plan
  • Due diligence on the franchise purchase cost
  • Business start up checklist
  • Establish what the franchise fee includes.
  • Provide you with checklist for franchisee costs
  • Set up and training for accounting software and packages such as Xero and MYOB
  • Annual tax returns preparation
  • Annual financial accounts
  • GST & BAS lodgements
  • Prepare interim accounts for submission to lenders for business and equipment and motor vehicle finance.

Success Accounting Group – Inspiring Your Success!

Why are you putting heart and soul into your franchise business only to short-change

yourself? With Success Accounting Group on your side, you can save thousands of dollars right from the start and grow your business into a behemoth within 12 months.

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