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Bring your personal wealth to the next level by being the boss & running your own agency.

Would you like to know how to profit from the work of experienced real estate agents?

Imagine watching the cash roll in as yet another one of your agents makes a sale. Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing as your business structure is already in place and your agents do the rest.

Success Accounting Group will support you through the rocky ride of variable property markets, government regulations, vendors and compliance with trust accounts.  With the variability and inconsistency in cash flow within a Real Estate business, as your business accountant we can help you with:

  • Growing revenue and profits
  • Understanding turn over and profitability
  • Freeing cash flow
  • Protecting assets
  • Planning business sale and succession planning.
  • Tax considerations such as tax structure and capital gains tax concessions
  • Funding options to finance purchases
  • Managing motor vehicle costs expenses and vehicle finance options like (chattel mortgage, lease, hire purchase or fleet discounts.)

Why Choose Us For Your Real Estate Agency Needs?

  • Free Advice Anytime: Are you sick of being charged for every little service? Once you sign up with us, all phone, email and in-person consultations are included in our fixed package, so no nasty surprises.
  • Industry Experience: Our team contains individuals who have become wealthy through the real estate market so we can give you advice based on real life experience unlike other firms.
  • Real Estate Education: We don’t just give you some advice and tell you to make your own way in the world; we are constantly offering seminars and discussions designed to help you learn the tips and tricks used by professionals.
  • No Hidden Fees: That’s right! You won’t be stung by ‘small print fees’ because all our charges are clearly laid out from the start.
  • Networking Opportunities: Our experience in the industry means we have access to agency experts so if you want to touch base, you’ll have free reign to do so as one of our clients.

Learn To Master Real Estate With Success Accounting Group!

Our Services Include:

  • Improve your  Cashflow: This ensures you have even more money to start up your agency;the extra cash can pay for renting office space and equipment, logo design, website design and much more.
  • Advice on automating your business: Thanks to our vast experience in the field, we know precisely how to create systems,
  • Learn Real Estate Jargon: Never again will you make a mistake as we help you understand turnover, profitability and other vital information related to the industry.
  • Business Advice: As well as assisting you by developing strategies to grow your business, we also advise you on key issues such as insurance, the purchase of a license and other real estate agency obligations.
  • Analyse Funding Options: We walk you through all your options in order to ensure your agency is properly funded and even assist you with obtain business overdraft, motor vehicle and equipment finance for the directors and employees of the agency.

 Who Is Behind Your Success?

Six years ago, Lan Nguyen had a dream: she wanted to create an accounting firm that not only helped businesses save money on their tax; she also wanted to help these companies grow and expand. Lan practiced what she preached and grew her enterprise into one of Melbourne’s best known accounting firms and plans to expand nationwide. She invites you to discover the strategies she developed to grow Success Accounting Group and use them to create your own success story.

 Client Testimonials

You can build a cash rich Realestate Agency, achieve success and financial freedom! If you don’t believe us, just read what our clients are saying:

Her Team and Lan Come Highly Recommended From Me”

“I’ve known and worked with Success Accounting group for over 5 years, every year.

They started with my personal tax and I found Lan and her team of professionals to be very knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry and in particular, they have expertise in the franchisee space that I could leverage from. She is also passionate about our success. So when I wanted to buy a franchised Real Estate agency, I sought advice from Lan to help us start up my business.

They are different from other accountants I’ve used in the past as Lan gives specialised advice for my Real Estate Agency business. For example, she provided solid business start up advice and assistance with the establishment of our business structure. We also meet regularly to discuss ways to grow my business and benchmark our business performance with others in the real estate industry. Lan is a forward thinker when it comes to tax strategy and works closely with the business and my individual situation to maximise opportunities for me in building my business and personal wealth. We also plan for the future so it’s more of a proactive accounting.

Her team and Lan come highly recommended from me.”

Michael Choi

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We promise to help your business to expand, grow and prosper. If you don’t get closer to your goals and see REAL results, Success Accounting Group will refund every penny, no questions asked!

Success or Your Money Back!

Lan pledges to help your business get closer to achieving its goals or Success Accounting Group will refund your money. Thanks to this 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 Are You a Dreamer Or A Doer? Book Your Free Consultation Today

Do you want to amble through life not knowing what it feels like to achieve real success or are you determined to succeed no matter what? If you are thinking of starting or buying a Realestate Agency, contact us today for your initial FREE assessment by a real estate business specialist.


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